68kMLA - 68k PPC Macintosh forum
9to5Mac - Apple Intelligence (news and info)
Accelerate Your Mac - CPU info
Adobe PhotoShop support
Adobe Studio applications
AppleScript MacScripter - Sourcebook
Architosh - 3D and CAD apps
Boinx Software - Animation, presentation
Carbon Copy Cloner - Backup utility
Core-Care - Apple Authorized, Sacto
Digital Camera Resources - Get answers
Digital Camera Review - Extensive, thorough
Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes
DriveSavers - Data recovery
EveryMac - Mac specs, values and history
Firefox - Mozilla's web browser
Gizmag - All sorts of high-tech stuff!
Gizmodo - The gadget guide
Little Snitch - Monitor network activity
Lynda.com - Online training library
Mac Directory - All things Mac
MacTracker - Get (all!) info on any Mac
MyFonts.com - Download fonts
MacFixIt - Troubleshooting (CNET)
MacHost Recyclers - Buy or sell used Macs
MacintoshGarden - Abandoned app archive
Mac Speed Zone - CPU tests, links
MacsimumNews - Macintosh news
National CyberAlert System
NeoOffice - Free alternative to MS Office
Nexcomp - Parts, accessories
Nisus Writer - Word Processors for OSX
Northern Softworks - Cache cleaner +
OnyX - Maintenance and "clean-up" utility
OSXFAQ - Tech news, radio
PureMac - Software downloads
RescueMyClassicMac - Old OS Software
ResExcellence - Hack your Mac!
RogueAmoeba - Audio Hijack +
Scrivener - Author-centric software
Sketchup - 3D graphics application
SpamSieve - Filter spam across platforms
SuperDuper - Backup utility
Symantec - Virus index, hoaxes
Take Control - Outstanding Mac ebooks
TidBits - Premier online newsletter
Vintage Mac Museum - pre-Intel Macs
VLC - Open almost any A/V file incl. WMV
Wikipedia.org - Ultimate encyclopedia