Adaptec - cards, cables, adapters
Amazon - products of all kinds
Anthro Corp. - Technology Furniture
APC - surge protectors, power
Asante - network routers, hubs
Axiotron ModBook - Macintosh tablet
Batteries for MacBook, MacBook Pro
Batteries4Less - iPhone and other batteries
Belkin - cables, adapters, cards
Best Buy - drives, printers, peripherals
Best Buy - Auburn store 95603
BH Photo and Video - new/used
CDW - hardware, software
ClubMac - peripherals, equipment
Data Robotics - Drobo raid solutions
Dr. Bott - adapters, gizmos
Elgato - Wireless HD TV on any Mac/PC
EZ Quest - FireWire drives
FastMac Products - hardware galore
Fry's - online sales
Fry's Roseville - store
Galaxy Hardware - new/used
Geek Culture - hats, shirts, comics
Gefen - monitor, audio adapters
GriffinTechnology - iPod/Mac products
G-Tech - G-Drive FireWire backup drive
Hardcore Mac - OS disks, parts
Indigo - home, office, X10 automation
Iomega - storage devices, drives
Keyspan Tripp-Lite - adapters, controllers
LaCie - state-of-the-art drives
Logitech - web cams and input devices
Low End Mac - upgrades, drives
MacConnection - huge inventory
MacMall - hardware/software
Mac of All Trades - new/used
MacPro Online - everything Macintosh
MacZone - hardware/software
Matias - professional keyboards
MCE Technologies - SSDs, Ram, drives
MicroMac - hardware upgrades
Newegg - drives and hardware galore
Newer Technologies - upgrades
NexTag - comparison shopping
Other World Computing - SSDs, all Mac
Ovolab Phlink - Phone automation
Parrot AR drone - airborn camera platform
Perceptive - Indigo home automation
PowerMax - New and certified used Macs
ProScope HR - handheld microscope
Quill - online office supply/technology
Ram Electronics - cables, adapters
SCSI Source - all SCSI, all the time
Shreve Systems - vintage parts
Small Dog - hardware/software
Sonnet Technologies - upgrades
Square - credit cards on iPods/iPads
Staples - drives, printers, peripherals

Adobe - PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc.
Ambrosia - WireTap Studio, SnapzPro, more
ATT - DSL (not necessarily recommended)
Comcast - Cable broadband (dismal service) - Cnet downloads
DV Forge - music, audio input
Ecamm iGlasses - web cam controls
Fat Cat - tame that iPhoto library
Freeverse - audio/video, games and more
Full Spectrum - Broadband/dialup ISP
Hughes net - Satellite broadband
Intego Net Barrier - security
Lemke Software - utility software
MicroMat - TechTool and Protogo
Nuance - speech recognition (Dragon)
Retrospect - backup from Retrospect
Smarter Broadband - "fixed wireless" access
Smith Micro (Allume) - utilities
Symantec - NAV, virus info
Totally Hip Software - LiveStage
TweakerSoft - vector design for Mac
WildBlue - Satellite broadband service