Need help with an iPad, iPod or iPhone?
We only deal with Macs here, but we've posted a few links for iGizmo support and recommend TechRestore for repairs on iPhones and iPads.

If your MacBook needs a new battery...
Best source for quality batteries: Other World Computing.

Apple repair programs
Repair extension programs for all Apple products are listed here.

Why on earth would you download that?!
Garbage utilities, torrents, bogus support - don't be fooled by scammers. Before you call online support or install junk, see this.

Blocked plug-in: Adobe Flash Player (again)...
Attack vector Flash Player needs monthly updates. Here's a safe way to update Flash, or - consider uninstalling Flash Player.

Protect your MacBook from spills
Moisture sensors will void warranty, and unibody models are costly to repair. Check out keyboard covers from Moshi, Kuzy or Forito (on Amazon).

Should I upgrade to High Sierra (10.13)?
If it works, don't fix it. If you're running 10.10 thru 10.12 stick with it as long as you can. If you must upgrade see our OS upgrade rant.

It's getting complicated: An open letter to Apple
We're big fans of simple here, one of the reasons we were drawn to the Macintosh in the first place. Here are 8 things that would help.

Recommended videos:
A Magna Carta for the Web - Tim Berners-Lee (7 min.)
Good Girl Gone Geek - Career advice for women (12 min.)
Art of Web Design - Keep it simple (7 min.) from Offbook
Aaron Swartz (trailer) "The Internet's Own Boy" movie (105 min.)